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As the Sparks from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.

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Exciting News!  The novel, “One Lone Friend” is finished and is now in production as an audiobook with music and soundtrack.  It will be released summer of 2018.

A separate album of the songs,  entitled “One Lone Friend” will be released July 2018  as well!

It is a mystical adventure that takes place mostly in the mountains of the Navajo Reservation  of New Mexico about a Social Worker/musician who overcomes alcoholism through an encounter with a Spirit Guide in the form of a crazy old man in a dune buggy,  reunites with his childhood friend who is miraculously cured of drug addiction and, through a series of time travel episodes, they become catalysts for changing the world.  They travel to the 1840’s and connect with a Navajo who lives for over 100 years and becomes an ‘old one’ who helps his people through the devastation caused from Uranium mining in the Dinetah.  They visit and change the lives of a big mining executive, a teacher and a Navajo woman who go on the help others.  It is entitled “One Lone Friend” and includes music and will be accompanied by an album release of music from the novel.  The audio book will be complete with all music.  Hear samples at NativeAmericanFlute on Facebook. The weekly podcasts often include the new music (see top of page).


The track above is from “Drums of Yoga” released almost 10 years ago. We heard it on the internet radio and were inspired because of its fast rhythmic movement and healing energy so we wanted to share it with you. Right below this is our latest album release in its entirety. Click on ‘Free Streaming’ in the menu at the top of the page to hear more tracks free. Keep scrolling down. Below the newest album release are OVER TWENTY MUSIC VIDEOS BELOW: including studio tours and interviews with Bill Webb. Enjoy! Be well!



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Informal face-to-face with Bill in his log cabin studio.

A fun video with great piano music!

The Silo: Bill Webb plays Native American Flute from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.



Come Along with Me/The Way from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.



The Wind Way was improvised at Point Beach State Park, WIsconsin. This new music is being produced on the new album ‘Medicine’ to be released Fall 2016



Bill Webb Native American Flute in a Mossy Nook at Little Bear Falls on the Pine River in the Nicolet National Forest. Mossy Nook will be on the new release ‘Medicine” Fall 2016



What Could Be More Beautiful from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.This song will be on the new album “Medicine” along with many flute, harp and other songs recorded all around Wisconsin waterfalls and lakes.



Medicine is the title song of the new album to be released September 2016. Medicine is Native American Flute, medicine rattles and healing drums…This clip is the moment I discover the album cover pic for “Medicine”, and here it is! on Vimeo.






Hear the new album, GRAND RAIN. Click here or on ‘Free Streaming’ above.

Grand Rain Album Release “From the Studio”Feb. 18. 2016 on Vimeo.





Watch the video “Money” from ‘Bill Webb Rocks’. Click below the video to listen to the entire album.BILL WEBB ROCKS IS HERE!!!

Click the play button and listen to the whole album or scroll thru tracks below the album cover pic. Then go to the MUSIC STORE link and purchase it or individual tracks. Order CD or download MP3s.




From the Studio Jan 25, 2016




Art In the Park II Aug 2015




Bill Webb at Facilitated Healing Center Nov 2015




Bill Webb Jazz Piano 1 March 2015




Art in the Park I June 2015




Open the Music to You




Life on the Maori Friendship Flute




Good Day Friends. Let me speak to you for a moment.


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Instrumental Music Inspires You to Higher Levels

Instrumental Music for Yoga and Native American Flute Music are created with meditation and care by Bill Webb. When seeking music for Yoga, massage or meditation, consider that the music is best created in a state of meditation by a Yoga practitioner with a lifetime of experience as a composer and musician. Bill Webb has been a Yoga Practitioner for Yoga since age 14. His music training began at age 7 and went through college, professional touring and composing, arranging and producing musical shows and albums. Instrumental music is his first love. He loves to improvise using the Native American Flute, and music for Yoga is inspired through his daily Yoga practice. When he discovered, through meditation, that he could compose music for Yoga in 1999, his heart soared and his music quickly became sought after by Yoga practitioners and teachers for Yoga classes and other Yoga activities and events.

After several years of playing Native American Flute, Bill Webb tried his hand at recording a Native American Flute Music album and it quickly became his popular album (Native American Flute). He has since recorded over 20 albums of instrumental music for Yoga, Native American Flute Music, and Bill Webb Jazz. He continues to meditate and practice Yoga and has also produced over a dozen album of meditation music and spoken meditations for various artiats that are available today. He composes, produces and performs this instrumental music and Native American Flute music using all of his skills and abilities while relying on meditation and connection with his Higher Power to create an effect in music that goes far beyond words.

Bill Webb sends you his love and sincerely desires that your life be uplifted, for Yoga practice, for meditation, for massage, for your entire soul experience while on this plane of existence.