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“One Lone Friend” is here! All 12 tracks!)

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NEW PODCAST SERIES: Dream Pictures. The Dream Pictures podcasts: Music and blowing the lid off temporal illusion. Hear clips from the new novel, “One Lone Friend”. Free to listen: ‘Dream Pictures Podcast Ep 1’ by Bill Webb Music. Subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, Tuneinradio, Soundcloud or click on play. The goal of this weekly podcast series is to challenge your concepts of reality. Our motto, “Break the illusions! ” What we think of reality is only Dream Pictures.

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Sample from Chapter 8 of the 1st Movement:

“One Lone Friend” is finished and is now in production as an audiobook with music and soundtrack.  It will be released August of 2018 as audiobook and ebook.

A separate album of the songs from the book, entitled “One Lone Friend” was released July 27, 2018  as well!

It is a mystical adventure that takes place mostly in the mountains of the Navajo Reservation  of New Mexico about a Social Worker/musician who overcomes alcoholism through an encounter with a Spirit Guide in the form of a crazy old man in a dune buggy,  reunites with his childhood friend who is miraculously cured of drug addiction and, through a series of time travel episodes, they become catalysts for changing the world.  They travel to the 1840’s and connect with a Navajo who lives for over 100 years and becomes an ‘old one’ who helps his people through the devastation caused from Uranium mining in the Dinetah.  They visit and change the lives of a big mining executive, a teacher and a Navajo woman who go on the help others.  It is entitled “One Lone Friend” and includes music and will be accompanied by an album release of music from the novel.  The audio book will be complete with all music.  Hear samples at NativeAmericanFlute on Facebook. The weekly podcasts often include  new music  and music you won’t hear anywhere else (see top of page).


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