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  • Love, Peace and Harmony (Lopeha) in you.   Your presence is honored here.   On this website are videos, novels, podcasts and albums. Native flute and world instruments comprise the music.  Music styles vary.   Lopeha is the theme of everything here.    Scroll down, look to the right, look above and see.   First up is the Native American Flute Facebook page feed, then the weekly podcast, the novel,”One Lone Friend”, the newest album and the featured video:

The Latest Podcast:

New Podcast every week, Wednesday 7 PM. To hear it live at that time every week, SUBSCRIBE at itunes, stitcher,or soundcloud Lopeha: Love, Peace and Harmony now. Listen to Season to last weeks episode,  and hear Bill improvise music live in the studio, hear him of our true self and listen to selections from his many albums.  We are all One Infinite Self of Love, Peace and Harmony in a spiritual sense. (See “One Lone Friend” Book 1, below or click on “NOVELS” above.)

All Native American Flute Music podcasts features all Native American flute songs. Free to listen: Subscribe at iTunes,, or or click on play above. For access to all past podcasts, click on the PODCASTS tab at top of page.

The New Novel: One Lone Friend

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It takes place in Navajo land and is rich in adventures, spiritual awakenings and connections to past, present and future. Meet John and Terry and their mysterious friend, the Old Man in a dune buggy, as they recover from addictions and travel through time and space saving lives.
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 The Latest Album:

Dream Pictures

Featured Video:

On Sunday July 19, 2019, I created, edited and posted this video today in Janesville, Wisconsin for the purpose of healing, spiritual healing, to you who would watch. Be healed in this five minute video. Experience more healing all over this website.

My Movie from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.

As the Sparks from Bill Webb Music on Vimeo.

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